About Hamgera

Hamgera Company History

Hamgera Company was established in 1975 with the collective participation of old and well-known merchants in Tehran Bazaar.


In the early years of its operation, the company was mainly engaged in the business of importing various types of paper and stationery.


From the beginning of 1997, with the rise of blockchain technology and the transfer of management of the Hamgera company from Mr. Mohammad Mohammadi Ardehali to His son Mr. Mohammad Hassan Mohammadi Ardehali, the company became a technology-oriented company and mainly focused on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.


In this regard, the Hamgera company made many efforts to promote and develop blockchain technology in the country, part of which was to support the Iranian Blockchain Association, which later became known as the Association of Blockchain Technologists.


The company also created a Hamgera investment wiki, trying to use open collaboration to aggregate experiences and opinions in this area.

In March 2022, based on the blue ocean strategy, and due to the global growth and expansion of Hamgera technologies (information, biological, cognitive and nanotechnology), the company made changes in its business model with the cooperation of new medical and nutrition specialists, with a metabolic therapy approach to entered the field of biology and intends to put on the agenda counseling in the treatment of diseases with metabolic roots, such as obesity, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer, by modifying nutritional methods.


In this regard, the Hamgera Behkadeh was established to openly discuss the open discussion of intermittent fasting and the ketogenic regime and the development of public information in this regard and monitoring the biological parameters of individuals using information technology and artificial intelligence.