Hamgera Core Values

We are an organization with these seven worthiness:

1. Focus on purpose

We focus on our goals, periodically set specific goals for ourselves, mobilize all the resources of the organization to achieve those goals, and constantly evaluate our distance from the goal and plan and modify our behavior and actions for reaching those goals.


2. agile

We are an agile organization, we apply agile principles, our organization is always active in any situation, we are ready to face changes and continuous improvement. People in the organization are constantly interacting to achieve the goals of the organization.


3. Leaner

We are a learner organization, we are always learning, we never stop learning, everyone in the organization must be constantly increasing their knowledge and skills.


4. Technology

We value technology, we do not succumb to the chaos that results from it, but we benefit from it and apply it in practice in the organization and in the services we provide.


5. Innovative

In addition to technology, we attach great importance to innovation in the organization, especially since everyone knows everything. In this age, we consider open innovation as an important key to the growth and prosperity of our organization.


6. Committed and ethical

We never go beyond commitment and ethics, we adhere to the commitments we give to customers and other organizations as much as possible and at the same time we always try to deliver something more than the customer expects. We never act against our obligations and against moral principles.


7. Circuit law

We work in any space, we try to know the rules of that space well and adhere to them.